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Key Benefits of Wood Fencing

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Galvanized Steel C-Posts can be used in ANY wood fence application!
Steel Posts will last up to 30 Years and will be virtually invisible from BOTH sides of the fence

                                                                                                                                                                                                     1"x6" Solid                  1"x4" Traditional Picket
        Shadow Box                                   Concave                       1" x 6" Solid Dog Ear                 Traditional Pane                  with 1" spacing              1"x6" Traditional Picket                         1"x6" Traditional Picket 

         SP 1        SP_Slat1    traditionapicket1               traditionalpicket2

SteelPost01     SteelPost002     SteelPost003     SteelPost004

SteelMay20161     SteelMay20162     SteelMay20163     SteelMay20164

                Treated Northern Red Pine w/ Zero Overlap
Sept 1     Sept 2019 2     Sept 2019 3

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Available in Cedartone Oil Based Stain, this product would be used with PostMaster Steel Posts, ensuring your fence will last 25 years!
With two dipped coats of Sherwin Williams Oil Based Stain, the boards are guaranteed for 10 years!
The cost is substantially less than Western Red Cedar!

Altamit 1      Altamit 2     Altamit 3     Altamit 4

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Bamboo fencing w/ 2" round pickets.  Can also be built with PostMaster Steel Posts.

Bamboo 1      Bamboo 2     Bamboo 3     Bamboo 4     Bamboo 5

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Privacy and security. Pencil point top stockade is available in three wood types: SPF (Spruce, Pine, and Fur), All White Cedar Milled, and Peeled Rustic White Cedar.
Open or Privacy Styles. 8' sections, choice of 4' to 8' heights, round cedar posts — 7' to 11' lengths.

Stock1      Rustic 2     Rustic 3     Rustic 4

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Handsplit fencing is available in 2 or 3 rail styles. 10' rail sections.

Corral20161           Corral20162
With black chain link wire - click to enlarge                      With black chain link wire - click to enlarge

S Rail    

Treated Beaver Tail 3-Rail Split Rail

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Custom-built to your specifications, with either 1x4 or 1x6 pickets. Available in Flat Top, Dog Ear, Gothic, French Gothic, Concave or Convex styles

              1 1/2 Inch Spaced                                                                                  French Gothic Picket                         2 Inch Spaced Convex                                                                                                                    1x6" Dog Ear
               Concave Picket                              French Gothic Picket                          Stained White                                            Picket                          French Gothic Picket                   1x6" Arched Picket              Picket w/ 3/4" Spacing

                                                  picket1          Arched Picket Solid        1x6 Dog Ear Pickwet

4' high 1x4" WRC picket w/ 1 1/2 inch spacing

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Enhance your property and landscape with Western Red Cedar. Natural beauty from the Pacific Northwest. Decorative styles have long lasting, maintenance free qualities. Available in Flat Top, Dog Ear, Gothic, French Gothic, Concave or Convex styles.

                                                                                                                                    1"x6" Solid Traditional                             1"x6" Solid Traditional w/          1"x6" Solid Traditional w/
    1"x6" Solid Dog Ear                                   1"x6" Solid Convex                                       with 1' Lattice Top                             1"x4" Top and Face Cap          1"x4" Top and Face Cap                               1"x6" Solid Convex                          1"x6" Solid Convex Gate

solid1                 solid 1                    solid 3            solid 4          soliid 5              Solid20171                 SolidConvexGate

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Privacy with style. Natural sawn cedar boards in decorative shadow box panels for long life and beauty. Maintenance free. 6' x 8'; 4x4, 4x6, 6x6 and 8x8 posts, 6x6 in 8' and 9' lengths. Available in Flat Top, Dog Ear, Gothic, French Gothic, Concave or Convex styles.

  1"x6" Shadow Box Dog Ear                        1"x6" Shadowbox Convex                                 1"x6" Shadowbox Concave                        1"x6" Shadowbox Concave w/ Steel Posts
Shadow 1     Shadow 2           Shadow 3            Shadow 4

                   4' High Shadowbox Dog Ear w/ Steel Posts

                                4' Shadowbox Concave w/ Steel Posts

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    Treated Northern Red Pine - 1"x6" Shadowbox Dog Ear" w/ Zero Overlap
Sept 1     Sept 2019 2     Sept 2019 3

Treated Northern Red Pine - 1"x6" Shadowbox w/ 1" overlap (convex)

Treated Northern Red Pine - 1"x6" Solid (Dogear)

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Board on Batton wood fence (without steel posts).

batten11       batten22     

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                  Gothic Top                      French Gothic                    Traditional                            Lattice                                      Lattice
                                                                Tops                                Top

                      frenchgothictop.jpg (22190 bytes)                         

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